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How to become a 6-figure success on Shopify in 2021?

The most successful Shopify stores usually opt these practices

Every single day, there is a new marketing tactic or a growth hack. When you first get into the dropshipping business, figuring out the best channel of marketing is tough.

In this blog, we will be talking about simple yet fast ways of achieving a goal of six-figure success on Shopify in 2021.

After Shopify store design and development, most of the clients ask us this very specific question ‘how do you recommend scaling my eCommerce store with Shopify?’ Obviously, they want to fast-track their success.

So we can break down a couple of things here which helped some Shopify store owners grow.

Six-figure means $100,000 or roughly $8000 a month. This means you need around $300 earnings a day – that isn’t much. Roughly 10 orders a day (depends on your products), sounds achievable.

Table of Contents

Instagram influencers – the fastest way of growing business on Shopify.

We can’t deny the power of the Instagram medium. Instagram influencer marketing has helped many stores in skyrocketing their sales.

There are two marketing approaches on Instagram.

ONE – build your own fan base/followers.

SECOND – use Instagram influencers.

Who is an Instagram influencer? An Instagram influencer is a user who has an established user base and has the ability to persuade.

How can an influencer help me in sales? They can promote your products on their pages (which already have your potential customers).

How do you even know who the right influencers are? How do you reach out to them with a good impression? Do influencer posts always result in sales? The understanding process is confusing, especially when you’re just getting started with Instagram influencer marketing.

Instagram influencers – the fastest way of growing business on Shopify

#First tip – pick the niche related or right influencers.

Use Snapfluence and Ninja Outreach for searching the influencers in your niche. Or simply type your keyword in an Instagram search.

#Second tip – don’t start with the larger pages. Start with a less number of followers. This means, start with the small influencers. Let’s say 100k-500k followers’ Instagram pages. Your next cap 500k to 750k and so on.

#Third tip – use Instagram first as that way you can TEST and seek DATA which later you can use on Facebook ads.

Once you start making sales, let’s say – $500 to $600, with a Facebook Pixel integrated with your store, you will have good data for ads running. Data will help Facebook in a look-alike audience thus running ads would generate better revenue.

#Pro tip – Instagram rinse and repeat the formula

Instagram can depict which product will do good in the longer run. So you can use this medium for testing products.

Instagram marketing is time-consuming, and a detailed guide is coming soon. So stay tuned.

On the flip side, if you choose the wrong influencers, you may end up making an expensive mistake.

Top 4 suppliers for Shopify stores

AliExpress is unreliable and the shipping times are ridiculous. We have some better alternatives which you can use for dropshipping in 2021.

AliExpress isn’t your only best supplier option


They are getting good feedback and quite a few YouTubers suggested that they are the fastest, cheapest and easier, high-quality dropshipping company. And haven’t heard of any bad reviews. You can sync it with your Shopify store for timely order fulfillment.

Orders are fulfilled in 24 hours with pre-ordered inventory kept in our warehouse or in 3-5 days without pre-ordered inventory. Tracking numbers are synced automatically to your store once orders are fulfilled.

Sourcing, warehousing, quality check, purchasing, branding and fulfillment are a few of their core services.


A sourcing box or a fulfillment company, they say, ‘ ship around the globe within 7 calendar days, and sync automatically with seamless integration. They offer a free demo.

They have mentioned WooCommerce and Shopify exclusively on their homepage. Prices are a bit higher but their customer service is good.

CJ dropshipping

Offer creatives and images for free without a watermark. But we don’t recommend free stuff. Your product should have a unique standing as far as branding is concerned.

Here the tip is, get your communication right. Any confusion at your end or the agent dealing with your dropshipping business may negatively impact your store.

Alibaba, Agent, 3PL and dropshipping yourself


It’s a known name and you can choose from their wide selection of products provided by verified suppliers.

A scalable and secure option for beginners.

Top 19 niches you should pick in 2021 for selling on Shopify

The year 2021 is just around the corner and you are preparing to start your eCommerce store. What kind of products should you sell? This is the primary question.

Here is the list of trending products based on real-time data. (some categories may surprise you, so get ready!

1- Infrared thermometers

2- Resistance bands (fitness product)

3- Beard oil

4- Laptop skins

5- Cat and dog beds

6- Vintage rugs

7- Gardening accessories

8- Jigsaw puzzles

9- Magnetic bracelets

10- Security cameras

11- Posture correctors

12- Ladder bookshelves

13- Dough scrapper

14- Baby clothes (baby boom due to corona)

15- Pendant lights (there are tons of styles you can pick)

16- Car vacuum cleaners

17- Laser hair removal

18- Teeth whitening strips

19- Solar power products

Source – Oberlo

Top niches you should pick for selling on Shopify@2x 2

You need high converting creatives (ads)

You may think of creating them via different tools but we recommend something useful.

There are some websites which we believe are good for making creatives

-Ads Mate

-Fiverr (also the cheapest)

-Viral Ecom Adz

-Bands Off Adz

-Top Notch Adz

Ads are literally confusing for beginners.

You don’t try running them on your own unless you know the game. Outsource ads and start taking interest in metrics and stats for solid results. Set up a meeting with your ads manager so that other things won’t get neglected.

Consistent income source for funding dropshipping business

Funding a new online dropshipping business is stressful. You should have a part-time or full-time job or some savings so that you can fund your business. Having a job at the start of the business will help you stay on your feet even if you make any mistakes.

$1000-2000 budget is great to start a dropshipping business

You can’t make money if you don’t have money to spend

Dropshippers lose heart or quit the business after spending $300-500 on ads because they don’t get results. That is the reason why we were emphasizing on having a consistent source of income because that way you would give up that easily.

Sometimes you may need more spending according to your product niche.

You may earn after spending zero to $50 via influencer marketing but it’s way harder and needs full dedication.

Branding dropshipping

Branding is the key to converting customers in 2021. We all go for a branded product stores or branded niche stores.

As a beginner deciding a niche is tough. So, a good guess which may work for almost everyone is starting a general store of a particular niche.

For example, you picked a pet niche. You can sell dog food, accessories like dog beds, belts etc.

Don’t start with a crappy store. Like Pick a proper/good domain name for the general store and add categories. The neat display of a product is important too.

Don’t add too many products. Add 3-4 products and test. You can always add more products later.

Once you start getting sales on whatever product, you can turn that general store into a branded niche.

Final Verdict

There are many YouTubers and bloggers sharing their strategies over the internet. And to be honest, it’s super confusing for beginners. If you follow these simple points, you can start making 6-figures real quick.

Apart from all these pointers, the most important tip we like to share is ‘customer support’. Don’t forget this can improve ‘Page Score’ meaning higher conversions.

Phaedra Solutions is a certified Shopify development service provider. We have helped numerous companies in Shopify design and development, custom integrations, Shopify migration and support. Get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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