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Top 5 FREE Shopify store name generator tools

Some secrets nobody is sharing!

Often a business kickstarts with a long to-do list and details of setting up a successful Shopify shop may consume a business owner more than anything.

Changing the store name could be a nightmare later down the road. So it is essential to pick the right name at the very start.  

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List of top 5 FREE Shopify store name generator tools

Instant Domain Search

Search results appear as you start typing. You can check the availability of the domain instantly. Domain names, domain extensions and domains for sale – all could be searched for FREE.

Instant domain search

We searched for the word ‘bohemian’ and we liked ‘’.

name search on instant domain search

Name Mesh

A free tool which helps you find the domain name for your product, app or a company via simple search. It finds name trends and gives you the most relevant suggestions.

You get results for common domains, new domains, and AI based names.

name mesh

We entered ‘Skateboard’ and liked ‘’ and ‘’.

store name search in name mesh

Domain Wheel

Another Shopify store name generator which offers some unique brand name ideas. Right in the search field, you can type your idea word and can select from .com, .net etc.

Domain wheel

We entered ‘coffee’ and we liked ‘’ and ‘’.

name generator domain wheel

Oberlo business name generator

Uptill now, you were getting results along with domain but here you will only get business name ideas and after you sign up you can look into available domains.

Oberlo name generator

We entered ‘coffee’ and we liked ‘Coffee Fresh’.

Shopify Business Name Generator

A free tool by Shopify where you can enter just one word describing your business and get a lot of meaningful ideas. ‘Search’, ‘select’ and ‘sell’ as the tool says.

Shopify business name generator
Shopify store name generator

Finding the perfect store name is hard, some secrets nobody is sharing

Secret no. 1 – Use your own name

Many iconic brands have been built using the founder name. Some founders used their full name like Calvin Klein. And other used their last name like Burberry, Disney etc.

Some founders adapt their names slightly like AD Dassler the founder of Adidas. If you are co-founding with others, group your names together like Warner Brothers.

Be aware when you pick your name, you would be the public face of the company.

Secret no. 2 – Use alliteration

Alliteration, a closely connected words or in other words catchy and easy on the tongue. Some of the cool examples of using alliteration are Paramount Picture, American Airways, and weight watchers.

First pick the industry you are selling in like fitness and then add the second word which adds meaning like first (Fitness First).

Secret no. 3 – Use a single powerful word and put a twist

This one is the hardest. Here are few examples, Target, Apple, Alphabet, Gap, Pandora and Yulp of single powerful brand names.

Now here how you can put a twist. Try changing the words slightly like, Fiverr, Digg, Toggl etc. On the plus side, you will get the domain name easily but on the downside, people might find it hard to pronounce.

Secret no. 4 – Combine two words meaningfully

Although, this method of choosing the store name is popular but understanding ‘how they did it’ is important and secretive here.

Many top companies have used this technique like Netflix (Net from internet and Flix from flick), Groupon (Group and Coupon), Walmart (Wal – name of the owner and mart) etc.

Secret no.5 – Use Shopify store name generator

You will find a bunch of tools in the market but we will share the ones you would actually get results from.

Final Verdict

Store name matters a lot and it is always undervalued. The store name has a lot of impact on converting store visitors into buyers. Here is a pro tip. Try to find niche names that have keywords matching that niche, it will help you a lot in ranking better on Google.

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