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How to integrate Salesforce with Shopify? Add new Shopify orders as Salesforce leads

Salesforce integration with Shopify helps in synchronization of orders, and customers. When an order is placed on Shopify, it would automatically create on Salesforce, this means tracking data is much easier.

Without even a single line of code, you can integrate Salesforce with Shopify in minutes as there are a number of tools/apps available in the market, for example, Zapier, etc.

The best thing about Zapier and is that they have prepared popular workflows or can say ready-made templates for common use cases.

Popular ways to connect Salesforce and Shopify

In this blog post, we will be covering ‘add leads to Salesforce from new Shopify orders’. Although, there are other popular ‘how to integrate Salesforce with Shopify’ ways and you can always check them by going to the above mentioned tools.

So you want to add new Shopify orders to Salesforce as leads but do you have the time to add them every time you receive an order? Follow the below mentioned steps.

Table of Contents

Add your Shopify and Salesforce accounts

First go to and select the method you want integration for.

Popular salesforce integrations

Hit ‘try now’. A screen with three steps will appear. First step is adding accounts. ‘Connect’ your Shopify store.

Add Shopify orders as Salesforce leads

After adding app name and store name, press ‘authorize’.

Authorization of Salesforce in Shopify

After adding a Shopify store, now it’s time to add a Salesforce account.

Connect salesforce account

Hit ‘Connect’ and add required information and press ‘authorize’.

Complete salesforce required information

‘Allow access’ to your Salesforce account.

Allows access to salesforce

After successfully authenticating your apps, you will land on a configure page.

Salesforce configuration

Data configuration of the accounts

On the configure page, you can configure specific data from Shopify to Salesforce. Shopify is the trigger app whereas Salesforce is an action app.

data configuration of accounts

In the above screen, ‘New Order’ is selected, you can change and add any use case from the dropdown you want integration for.

Now on the Salesforce side of the above screen, we have selected ‘Add or Update a Lead’ as we want this sort of integration. Again, you can change and add any use case from the dropdown you want integration for.

After choosing the action (we chose ‘Add or Update a Lead’), update ‘Input Fields’ especially the required ones.

First required field is ‘Update if existing’, we selected ‘No’ for this example.

Adding salesforce leads

Second required field is ‘Last Name’ and we selected ‘Customer Last Name’.

Customize the Shopify orders as leads

Next comes the company field, select ‘ Shipping address company’.

Add order shipping information

You can add any data from Shopify to Salesforce. For example, add ‘Total price’ to description for the order for more visibility.

Just drag and drop.

applying settings from Shopify to salesforce

Once you have added all the fields, click ‘done’ button on the right side of the screen.

Complete required order information

Test new order in Shopify

The purpose of this step is to check if our bot works the way we want or not. After you done configuring the data, you will automatically be directed to test screen.

test new order in Shopify

We recommend creating a new order in Shopify and see if the bot is working fine. If it works fine, you will be shown this screen.

Bot success for order confirmation

Final Verdict

With this template of Salesforce integration with Shopify, every new order in Shopify store will be created as lead in Salesforce.You can easily map data of customers in relevant fields of Salesforce account like email, discounts etc. This way your communication with customers and overall data tracking would become effective. You just sit back and let the automation work for you.

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