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How to fix bulk image upload Shopify timeout problem?

"3 ways to fix Shopify bulk image upload timeout error."

Uploading individual images consumes so much of your time and if you have to bulk upload images in your Shopify store you need to import images by providing the image URL.

What if you have your products or collections images on your computer only and not hosted online?

You can upload files from the Shopify > admin > files but this again requires some matching specifics.

Don’t you worry, here we will be sharing 3 quick ways regarding bulk image upload Shopify.

In this blog post, we will discuss the methods on bulk image upload which you may not find elsewhere consolidated.

Table of Contents

Bulk image upload Shopify methods

Method 1 – Use Shopify files from admin

First method is simple, you can simply go to your admin panel. Here’s the navigation flow:

Admin > settings > files > upload files

For image hosting, Shopify files are the best way if you have your product images only on your computer.

Don’t forget about the file requirements i.e. file size maximum of 20 megabytes, resolution maximum of 20 megapixels, aspect ratio between 100:1 and 1:100, and file format (supported formats are JS, CSS, GIF, JPG, JSON, PNG, CSV, PDF)

You can filter the file list by directly going to the Files page. How can you filter? Search for file attributes or by file size menu or by file type menu.

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Method 2 – Upload CSV file

In case you have hosted images online, the CSV file method is for you. You can upload images CSV file but make sure the format is right. However, if you wish your CSV file work, you have to host your images online.

You can use Dropbox or Google Drive for images hosting but server speed must be good so that you won’t face a timeout problem.


Important thing is to keep image names the same as SKU variants. Example, if the SKU of your product is red-slim-fit-shirt then your image name should be red-slim-fit-shirt.jpg (extension could be any valid one)

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Method 3 – Use bulk image upload app

Based on comparisons and reviews, we recommend using Image Manager (Ifyapps), PxUpload (Cafe custom ink) and BucketPic (by Cafe custom ink)

Image Manager offers a 5 days free trial, $4.99 monthly charges.

Allows product sorting for product searching, drag and drop interface, allows to upload unlimited product photos, saves time, you can add product variants too.

PxUpload offers a 2 days free trial, $14 monthly charges.

Sync products with the app in single click, upload large numbers of images, upload 40 photos/ items at once, restrict you to file type (this helps in avoiding timeout problem), and view upload progress status.

BucketPic offers 2 days free trial, $15 monthly charges.

Quick upload time, unlimited products can be uploaded, sync products with the app in single click, upload 50 photos/ items at once, and view upload progress status.

Final verdict

It becomes a tiring and hectic process when you have to upload more than 10 products manually. Probability of making a mistake like assigning the wrong images to products is high. We can imagine the hardwork and frustration which is why we decided to prepare this guide for you where you can automate this process either by using a third party app or using Shopify files or CSV files.

In case you tried every method and are still stuck, reach out for help.

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