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A client approached us with one of his business processes bottlenecks i.e. his customers were unable to get the run-time cost estimation of the cleaning services they pick. Customers were getting quotations after the cleaning job was done; hence the sales cycle was affecting badly. Also, quotations were handled manually and there wanted an easy workflow automation. Above all, their customers weren’t satisfied because they were not getting cost estimations and they were complaining all the times.

Another major challenge they wanted to streamline was tracking and management of their employees work efficiency. An old-school method of dealing with employees was replaced with admin web and mobile panels where tasks can easily be recorded. Employer wanted work transparency so that he could evaluate the performances of each one of his employees.

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added custom product variations, 3D product viewer integrated

Although the client did had their official website up and running but an online shop was never in place. We utilized a paid Shopify theme for development of their store as per requirements.

Manual shipping calculations : Much adorned feature by the client. Shopify store development let shipping cost and order fulfillment calculations within website.

Adding product variations : Shopify allow only 99 variations of a single product and the client wanted more. By utlizing Shopify Metafields, we developed the feature in no time.

3D product viewer integrated : Every collection had 3D product viewer which we integrated smoothly into their developed Shopify store.

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