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An optimized ecommerce shop helped client in increasing sales by 30%


Automation of mainstream tasks, switching development teams

At heart, the client was a firm believer that if his website is shifted to another ecommerce platform, he can double his sales. A static legacy website wasn’t enough for making enough efficient online sales.

Before the client business grew far and wide, they had an outdated website, migration to Shopify was suggested by our business and development teams. For that, he needed data scrapers as we educated the client.

Not just slow and offbeat website, the client was into mundane routinely tasks like product listings, etc., Alongside, he worked with different development teams but never achieved fruitful results. Client was eyeing into self-reliance where he could minimize the dependency on development team and can do most of the work on his own.

Tech stack

Used by the world's most average companies


Data scraping and consolidation, supports expansion

Elaborated and implemented software solution strategy where we developed Ruby scripts for data scrapping as migrating data from old website to Shopify built store was one of the key highlights of this project.

Being a technology partner, our developed solution contributed to the customer’s user base growth in millions. They wanted to stand out from their competitors by ensuring unparallel user experience for those in search of their products. PS addressed the most discerning online buyers’ needs.

A mobile responsive Shopify store with custom changes was developed; the major bottleneck of adding products manually was resolved. Order and inventory management quite helped the client in growth. To support expansion, Phaedra Solutions developed and deployed the whole solution within 3 months.

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