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When is the right time to opt for Shopify Plus migration?

There is no silver-bullet or straight answer and we totally understand that it’s an expensive decision for you. We can help you make the decision by providing you the key factors for consideration. So, don’t worry and stay engaged in this blog post.

You should be asking yourself a few very important questions while pondering over your decision of Shopify Plus migration.

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Are you making $500-1M or more as revenue annually?

When your store hit $500 revenue annually, switching to Shopify Plus is one of the right moves. Most of the people around you may suggest Shopify Plus migration after hitting 1 million but why limit yourself when you can avail all the features and double the profits in no time. You just need to be ambitious and be aware of the features the Plus version offers.

Do you need a customized checkout process?

With more and more orders coming in, there comes a point when you think of optimizing your store’s checkout process. With a basic Shopify plan, you have the access to Shopify’s checkout but there are certain limitations. With Shopify Plus custom checkout, you can facilitate your customers with multiple payment options, for example, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, Amazon Pay etc. This means a broad range of payment options via Shopify app integrations.

Plus merchants get access to checkout.liquid file from where they can add custom fields, shipping methods, payment options, Shopify scripts and custom look.

A custom checkout is like a powerful sales engine where you can add trust badges, shipping information, reviews, stopwatch timers and live chat.

Do you want to sell in the global market, in multiple currencies, channels and languages?

Whenever your average order value and volume increases, there are fair chances of global scale growth. Reaching out to customers in the foreign markets online means you need multiple payment options in multiple currencies integration and usage of multiple languages in order to deal with broader audiences / customers. Give your customers product information in their native language and sell in their local currency.

shopify plus migration tips

Are repetitive tasks slowing you down?

Shopify flow is the answer here. Majorly, it helps in automating routine tasks thus saving your time and money. With Shopify Plus, you can download the Flow app from the Shopify App Store. If you have enterprise-level access, you can perform multiple actions across all stores in an organization.

Here’s a YouTube video where you can learn about ‘how to use Shopify Flow?’

Can you expect sale campaigns, product releases and flash sales automation?

Yes. Shopify Plus has made sale campaigns or flash sales easy. Shopify Plus merchants can pre-set and automate sales events, campaigns and release products without worrying at all.

You can boost your average order value with offer bundles, free gifts, personalized promotions at the checkout, free shipping – all automated and taken care of.

Shopify Plus has a Launchpad tool for scheduling and automation of flash sales, product releases etc.

Challenges like product-market fit, branding, market changes, international regulations and more often discourages merchants with high volume businesses but not any more. Shopify Plus merchants can now sell in different countries in multiple currencies and get paid in local currency with the help of Shopify Payments.

To learn more about Shopify Payments and how to enable multi currency feature, you can seek our Shopify services.

Is there a native solution related to dynamic sales and strategic discounts?

Inside Shopify, there is a solution for dynamic sales and discounts but via third party apps. However, in Shopify Plus, you get an exclusive tool i.e. Script Editor. You can apply discounts on cart items, publish unpublish sales etc. all automatically.

Is it true that you would get unlimited bandwidth?

One of the biggest advantages of moving to Shopify Plus is getting unlimited bandwidth. Now your store can handle huge traffic without slowing down.

10,978 peak checkouts per minute across Shopify.

Customer journey changes drastically when he experiences a slow website. Even he may change his decision about buying a certain product.

Do you want higher conversion with AR and 3D product videos?

Shopify Plus claims 30% higher conversion with AR and 3D product videos.

AR and 3D videos are doing rounds in most of the ecommerce stores and for the right reasons. People want to feel and check the product virtually and now this is possible through AR and 3D videos.

Final Verdict

If you still have doubts about whether or not you should opt for Shopify Plus migration, you can take your time. The right time is only when you are actually ready for the move. However, if you want to clear your head, you can always ask us for further assistance.

Apart from basic Shopify plans available in the market, we as a development agency aim at providing the right enterprise-grade solutions. Many clients when approach our business team, usually are confused and unconfident about making the decision. We help them with our expertise in Shopify migration services.

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