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Is Salesforce the best CRM solution for businesses? An honest review

An honest review of Salesforce as CRM

Salesforce CRM helps you in tracking everything you do with your customers. It’s a lot more than just a Sales tool.

Understanding how Salesforce works may seem like a daunting task since every company uses it differently and that’s the beauty of it. Salesforce CRM is flexible so much so that you can integrate or customize any functionality into it.

In this blog post, we have jotted down why Salesforce is popular and the reasons why any company could go for it. Alongside, we have provided some USPs and disadvantages to paint a clear picture in case you are considering Salesforce CRM for your business.

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Why Salesforce CRM is popular than other CRMs in the marketplace?

If we put it in a simple way then the CRM is popular because Salesforce built the FIRST CLOUD-BASED solution back in 1999. At that time, the solution was way ahead of its time.

Salesforce CRM is popular for quite a long time and that is not because of its marketing capabilities but because people trust it.

Some of the major reasons for Salesforce popularity are:

1- Gather, store and manage customer data all in one place. Right after you integrate Salesforce CRM, it would become a one-stop place for gathering, segmentation, and management of potential customers/leads. A unified place where you can track all the information of your customers. Like before this CRM, it was very hard to track where your customers left. Now with the Salesforce CRM, you can save time. You don’t have to spend time looking into the context of any previous conversations.

2-Manage email marketing efforts. You can segment emails and send personalized emails to hundreds of people. Also, you can measure the effectiveness/performance of each email campaign i.e. open rates, click rates, links, etc.

3-Coordinated teamwork. The CRM could be integrated into marketing, sales, support, HR departments, and team members can synchronize tasks.  

4-Effective customer support. No CRM offers the best customer support like the Salesforce CRM. You get all the history of customer communication all in one place.

5-Boosts sales performance. CRM automatically fills customer profiles with relevant data, schedules mailouts, and frees you up from all the manual tasks.

Unique Selling Point # 1 – Cloud Maturity

Another strength or USP of Salesforce is cloud maturity. Salesforce is on the cloud for the last 21 years now and most of the CRM and ERP systems are now making the transition to the cloud.

So, old CRM systems were on-premise and they had spent a lot on infrastructure. On the other side, Salesforce’s solution is on the cloud. The native cloud solution has taken the product to the next level.  

Unique Selling Point # 2 – Partner program

The CRM is flexible and any company can customize it as per the needs. Salesforce has heavily invested in its own innovation. Along the way, they have a partner program. This adds up to the flexibility itself.

There might be some capabilities that Salesforce doesn’t have and with the partner program, the native solution/options allow more possibilities. This ecosystem extended the core functionality of the product.

What’s wrong with Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce doesn’t come without its flaws. Take their plans as an example. A quick glance will tell you that they have plans for every business type and need but a closer understanding of the system will tell you that they are on the expensive side. Perhaps, Salesforce is not ideal for small businesses.

You get to know the actual pricing (along with additional costs) when you take a plan. Implementation? You pay. Customer support? You pay. Customization? You pay.

Again, you cannot send emails in bulk, and the setup is hard and confusing.

Another shortcoming of Salesforce is the lack of Free training courses. Like Google offers free training courses in order to offer a better understanding of their products.

On the Salesforce website, you will see Trailblazer courses which too cost a good amount of money. However, there is plenty of stuff available for free too.

Since Salesforce allows open architecture and allows third-party app integration which is mostly good but it strains the IT department. Small and mid-sized companies may find it tough especially if they integrate with third-party apps, and they don’t have IT departments for support.

Final Verdict

On the surface, all of the benefits of Salesforce CRM are provided by other CRMs too but the depth, flexibility, and variety of robust workflows make it unique. Enterprises with large sales teams and diversified product bases or prospect bases can rely on Salesforce CRM because complex processes are handled really well inside Salesforce.

Salesforce implementation, customization, integration, and commerce cloud are core services that Phaedra Solutions is offering.

Contact us for consultation on how we can automate your commerce workflows using Salesforce commerce cloud.

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